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Seed Germination Information

Project #: 198136  –   Updated: May 29, 2013


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Project Summary

This page hosts a file with germination information for the following relevant genera: Artemisia, Astragalus, Bromus, Dalea, Elymus, Eriogonum, Helianthus, Koeleria (macrantha), Penstemon, Ratibida, Sphaeralcea, and Sporobolus. The species studied generally are not CPNPP priorities, but the information on congeners mya prove useful when species-specific information is lacking.

Project Conclusions

Germination testing protocols in attached pdf file may be useful for guiding germination of related taxa in experimental settings.


Targeted habitats were not provided for this project.

Targeted species were not provided for this project.

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Additional Information

AOSA established rules can be accessed for germination information.

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Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program (CPNPP)
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Troy Wood
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